The use of well known sites to improve their web site traffic

owners are most concerned about is their website traffic, because only the traffic can go to think or talk about money matters, how to improve the site traffic, there are many online methods or experience, use Baidu Search can know, together, personally think that to improve the site traffic is nothing more than the following two ways: one is do simple things, attention to do a website, make real users interested in the content, make practical use of the stand up to the netizen, this station will be welcomed by the users, as long as it can hold, then flow to do up sooner or later. For example, bus network and query convenience query and so on websites are successful cases; two is to rely on huge amounts of content information, do some current popular or will become popular content, use SEO and promotion means, in Baidu, Google search engine to obtain good rank, thereby improving the flow objective. In a word, only to make Internet users really need to go to the attention or attention, or understand the content, the website is only successful website, can obtain the flow return, if do not make any sense, and even do some even oneself are not willing to look at things, but don’t expect others to see


next, I simply according to their usual bubble forum to see a little bit about how to make the Internet users interested in things and simply share how to effectively AD own website.

as a webmaster, if we still wandering and the community forum to leave a web site name and URL AD to go on every day, then not only tired, do not have much effect, but also directly to be deleted, only doing. At this time it will be said, I will not write soft, even if it will not be able to write a day to write a new propaganda soft Wen, do not leave their own web site links to AD, then you let me how to promote?

is also very simple ah, if not written, also not reproduced? Reprint article should not what to do every day, we may see a lot of interesting articles or your website will send more interesting content, rather than wait for someone else to see the door, not directly go out, take the initiative to let a person see.

but the initiative is the premise of you want to send some real can cause Internet users click on concern or content, such as some well-known community hair some popular post, in fact, in this way to attract traffic is not a new one, we usually have to know, but also easy to operate. Although the operation is very simple, but we must grasp the time and degree, if you can do enough in a timely and comprehensive enough, then others can not go beyond you. If we can grasp a popular thing, then, through the individual posts or several posts and give yourself a short time to bring tens of thousands of IP is not impossible, someone surely do.

so how can I do something that people have to look at, some people click on it? I think the main thing to do the following three points:


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