How to promote the real estate industry website

with the invasion of the financial crisis, economic malaise, real estate industry was in the doldrums, how to survive and develop in the real estate website? Although affected by the volume of real estate downturn, many real estate developers and intermediary in a continuous compression cost, but professionals on the real estate network services market still has good expectation, Sina in July NetEase and the two portals of the real estate channel is that this action. Thanks to the market a few years ago the real estate boom, real estate network services market has also been rapid development, the industry chain is to develop towards comprehensive, transparent and rapid, specialization, differentiation website will inevitably become the future trend.

industry usually online real estate market is divided into three camps: SouFun, Sohu focus, Sina Real estate industry belongs to the first camp; the second camp by the leading local real estate websites and emerging stronger real estate websites, such as the 58 city network,, Ji’nan online real estate, real estate and home network as the representative of the new real estate website; the third camp by a large number of real estate developers, intermediary website, information classification etc. the real estate channel, market nicher. This paper will focus on examples of how to open up a new road commercial real estate website.

a, occupation targeted market

this kind of website represents a network of potential: the company launched the largest office professional portal – Chinese office network to provide professional, 31 City area of the National Office of real estate information and advisory services. This site to develop targeted market positioning, the actual is to avoid the indirect confrontation with other sites.

two, deepen customer service

in recent years, a sudden increase in the amount of information the release of personal housing rental demand, many websites are deepening customer service on the hard work. Representatives of such sites are: Ji’nan online second-hand housing network, Ji’nan local real estate information platform, its website is committed to providing real and effective second-hand housing. Whether it is the source of information, the collection of photos and by the site staff to complete, to ensure the absolute authenticity of the housing information and the quality of housing photos, give users a sincere and reliable feelings. For local sites, a good reputation to bring the spread of the virus, the site is very effective publicity.

three, pay attention to the user experience

home and network, the site in the domestic real estate website took the lead in the use of video listings. Dynamic real film display, the district environment, external buildings, such as more abundant and comprehensive resources available to the user. Although it can not be said to completely replace the field showings, but given the convenience of users or a big step forward.

four, give play to the advantages of ontology

many sites have been relatively successful in a website, this time to expand its advantages to the field of real estate will greatly enhance their professionalism. For example, with the real estate, with its authoritative financial qualification advertised its real estate channel is the most characteristic of the real estate finance.

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