Micro blog marketing is down from the industry to be integrated

is when, micro-blog marketing to attract the attention of countless, become the focus of attention of advertisers and advertising companies, industry insiders have said that micro-blog marketing is a powerful new media force to shake the traditional media, industry insiders believe that it has epoch-making significance, represents the new direction of marketing in the future, so everyone crazy, advertisers in the marketing plan to add and expand the micro-blog marketing advertising budget, a large number of new media company, agency, or even grassroots large derived micro-blog small new occupation, are also hot, good business that Huayi founder Du Zijian media group said in an interview: "our company the major clients are generally single are more than 3 million, less than 3 million of the single we are too lazy to pick, small, dirty We will not take "the heroic utterance……

but micro-blog God as the coat of good times don’t last long, just like the emperor’s new clothes, began to doubt. Attack sound can be heard without end, commercial advertising, such as Zombie fans have to destroy micro-blog good environment, is the largest gold master even the industry also began to question the enterprise in the use of micro-blog marketing to the effect of very dissatisfied, business owners of micro-blog marketing skills if there is a huge room aside this is a light, collective buyer pronunciation is enough to make a business crisis or even destroy an industry is not possible.

large forward once known as the "Queen of a turn, huangjinwanliang", new media marketing company hype TV traditional media, newspaper marketing is not accurate, complex and decentralized audience. Objectively speaking, the new century marketing, precision is indeed a prerequisite, but the recent observation and analysis concluded that the large forwarding is also a technical content of the pan type marketing. It is covered with a digital coat, and its essence is not different from the traditional media such as newspapers, there is no precise audience, it is difficult to classify the audience. Based on this, Sina micro-blog official on the tuba was a huge control, sweeping powder action launched a strong, zombie powder a lot less. A large weakness was ruthlessly hit, although the effect has improved, but still difficult to restore the confidence of advertisers.

we come together to analyze the nature of marketing and marketing status of the major schools of marketing enthusiasm for micro-blog.

planning is the most common practice event marketing, which is not new, event marketing has long been popular in the forum. Insiders admitted that the school is difficult to have a long-term development plan, due to information overload and micro-blog event with the effectiveness of, and once the user is exploring the marketing, with the outbreak of disgust.

as a technical school, through the analysis of enterprise marketing company administrative micro-blog fans composition and characteristics, fully rely on the data speak, we say that this approach is completely OK, but unfortunately, still being destroyed by fake fans: Marketing Company in order to meet the requirements of the contract, making the zombie fans, also as everyone knows, technical schools seems to be difficult to play effect.

in fact micro-blog marketing industry is still far from saying >

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