Shu Hong Text Mining Techniques of gold industry in the by product

the progress of human civilization is inseparable from the development and promotion of science and technology. Therefore, China’s reform and opening up, the chief architect of Comrade Deng Xiaoping repeatedly stressed: "science and technology are productive forces, but also the first productive forces." The total root sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height perspective in the world and the national development trend. After the industrial revolution in Europe, the whole world has epoch-making industrial revolution when the birth and application of the information industry. In this general concept, every major Internet companies with different technical characteristics and information platform as a means of expression, in accordance with the current social industry standards, can be said to be worthy of the emerging industry. In contrast to traditional industries, one of the products that most of the companies that produce a lot of new jobs are not the lack of industry news.

the news for different levels of society, has its specific meaning, in too much noisy, even the birth of a paper on the Chinese of this to the richest man, who made the eyeball economy companies and institutions, there is a maximum point in this heat. In accordance with the current popular concept of SEO to operate the search, which can be considered a key word. It should belong to the TITLE part of the target site. TITLE plays an important role in structural optimization. To a large extent, it is like a pair of eyes of the site, staring at the engine spiders, but also staring at the big, tireless ground to the site visitors.

related to the interests of the chain to the network writing group, the industry’s by-products also contain a considerable amount of gold. According to the relevant practitioners can analyze the progressive relationship: national policy or news, industry news, company news, especially the top giant company news, the next is a small company with, struggle, struggle and complain, the most eye-catching is the rebellion, as Wang Tong series anti Baidu. On these news reports, analysis, comments in the relevant publishing platform can always receive a good click and reprint effect. By the way what a Hong Shu exposed smallholder economy the idea of: This article produces the passive network chain is generally quite good. The analysis suggests that soft writing guides must adopt this view as Hong, and the martial arts heart advertised: one of the key areas of soft writing, is to the major industry news and subject to start, in particular, can under the heavy hand. Just before leaving, or can be on two feet tread, but should not be brutal and inhuman.

one: you can improve the passing rate of grassroots adsense. If the selection cut open a small, often edit the teacher is sometimes understanding signs, a little inattentive, the head of the grass roots as the feet of water drained. Oh, but Hong grass also considered among them, with no exception.

and the once through, among the relevant probability increased significantly relative to the home page. Use the title of the network advertising techniques, do a little s>

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