Adsense network broadcast the rise of the vertical sports community YAHOO transformation results

1 Internet Co rush fund sales: Baidu Sina

sell flow of soy sauceThe most obvious feature of

Chinese Internet, is "like a swarm of bees". When the concept of Internet banking came from the Internet companies can not sit still. After the balance of treasure, 100 hair, WeChat, Sina, micro-blog, and even Sohu will join the large team of fund sales.

NetEase technology trying to sort out these teams in the team, the surface of the fund to sell, in the end what medicine to sell


2.5 years later the war, CCTV counterattack

a brief history of the Internet!

Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, the four major portals always occupy the position of the mouthpiece of the Internet, in order to maintain the state of "ideology" as the central media, although the loneliness spread ground, but have been unable to maintain the previous dominance.

someone said: "CCTV today will undoubtedly have passive multi-layered reasons: the ideology of traditional media generally encountered in this era, the problem of the CCTV system as strong as iron, management is particularly strict problems, a very good day that the lack of sense of crisis problem, many people is not good with the team…… As the world’s most tragic tragedy, the tragedy is not good was destroyed, but that, when a once beautiful, powerful things are increasingly undermine, no one claimed responsibility, but people can’t seem to blame for a single person or a hand."

3 vertical sports community rise: "tiger bashing" sina sports!

November 19th, Premier League stars Paul · Scholes, Michael · Erwin for the site, the Liverpool Football Club authorized management Chinese official website, and advertisers pay generous. Sports portal – Tiger bashing once again become the darling of sports.

portal, electricity, game, once in a variety of business models cruising tiger, finally established the sports marketing company. When the major portals dominated sports broadcast copyright heavily overseas, but tiger vowed not to do the event mouthpiece, the seat to occupy the sidelines.

in the sports industry this piece of the Red Sea, tiger choose to do a dark horse, quietly doing the dirty work giant unwilling to do the dirty work, but in this complicated market to find the value of depression.

4.PP assistant to sell $100 million? And a grassroots counter attack

recently heard the news, UC and PP assistant has reached a wholly-owned acquisition agreement involving an amount of more than $100 million, the settlement is nearing completion. However, the parties are a little secretive about the transaction, there is no confirmation message.

this rumor is dramatic, keywords eye-catching is just this year to completely get rid of takeover rumors UC, although they did not recognize this list of business; and PP assistant will make people feel a little strange, add up to 1>

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