SEO ten to ten do not

SEO to do:

1 to personally want to describe a few of the original text, both title, description.

2 to all web pages are interconnected, each page must have a.

3 to update your website or to inject fresh blood for your article.

4 to submit your site to the relevant directory.

5 to the original articles published in their own web site, and then released to the portal station link bait.

6 at any time to submit your site articles to each big station RSS subscription or favorites

7 to give you the website for more excellent related website links.

8 to do a site map.

9 to remember to give your link and description.

10 to check your site every week if there is a dead link.

SEO do not do:

1 do not use CSS to build your website.

2 don’t overuse your keywords in your Meta tags.

3 does not use H1 and H2 tab pages.

4 do not buy links to improve website ranking.

5 do not belong to their own station resources chain.

6 do not try to do stand group resources, if you do not have enough experience.

7 is not linked to not included or K or unrelated sites.

8 do not over use Google ads.

9 don’t copy other people’s content or copy someone else’s website.

10 do not create web pages with little or no content.




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