Give you the most profound analysis why can the red net monthly income of one hundred thousand

What is

net red?

time looked at the Baidu encyclopedia, which is said above:

refers to the "big network" in reality or in the network of life because of a particular event or a behavior by netizens attention to popular person. They are popular because of some characteristics of its own is amplified in the networks, and users of ugliness, aesthetic, entertainment, stimulation, and other psychological peeping, imaginary spectators fit, intentionally or unintentionally by the network world sought to become a network reds". Therefore, the "big network" which is not spontaneous, but the network media environment, the comprehensive effect of network reds, Internet marketer of traditional media, and the psychological needs of the audience and the interests of the community under the. "

suction drainage is a necessary step before the realization. The flow can lay the foundation for the day after you make money.

want to smoke powder, you must find out your own characteristics can be attracted attention, characteristics.

and this feature, if certain traits can stimulate people’s aesthetic, aesthetic, entertainment, stimulation, peeping, imagination and spectators "psychological characteristics.

time cite two examples.

example 1:

time remember the deformation meter has a program in the city of the protagonist is doing micro business, he often in the circle of friends to release their own small video, in the video to do cosmetic advertising. He said he could earn thirty thousand a month.

his good shape, that alone is enough to suck powder. The masses have their own aesthetic.

time tell you:

[when his profile conforms to the aesthetic flow of time, will be directly set up, good build, build trust, trust is more realizable, powder and

] be nothing difficult.


example 2:

in order to win people’s attention, not necessarily to meet people’s aesthetic. In fact, you can also do the opposite.

took her appearance, does not meet the aesthetic values of most people, many people Tucao her ugly.


but they have their own Baidu encyclopedia about five million micro-blog fans.


is now in the United States, but there are people in the country before the appearance fee. Although there is no hype so powerful, but a small down there are thousands of dollars.

There are a lot of

Xifeng her character, but these qualities just to meet people’s aesthetic psychological stimulation, spectators. Even if she really can not speak of the image of any product, but she can still attract a lot of attention, attention to the flow, so you can reach out to the natural appearance of the fee.

in short, red net easy monthly income principle > one hundred thousand

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