Several suggestions on how to promote the new station

ready to promote

many webmaster in site on the line just after the rush to play the promotion, but because the site is not rich enough, or some mistakes are not corrected, this time to promote can bring some traffic, but these visitors came up due to the site itself, will give visitors leave a bad image, make counterproductive propaganda the effect of. So at the beginning of promotion before please ensure that the function of each part of your website are tested, each column and the site has a certain content, especially home must complete rich, in order to improve the website return rate.

choose the right audience group

A5, behind the Webmaster Central forum, often see some Adsense to publicize their site here, I do not agree with this approach, the webmaster forum is mainly for the owners to provide services, exchange of experiences. These sites can be used to provide the spider web site to send some of the chain, so that search engines included. But if a large number of webmaster and theme related web sites in other sections of publicity is not desirable, even if your site does have originality, it will not be a few days there are many similar sites, so do website promotion first to identify and mark by in order to play a multiplier effect.

guide spider web site

I think, now the search engine more and more intelligent, the new on-line do not deliberately artificial to the search engine site entrance submission, and as long as the site to submit to some weight high site, search robot will automatically grab the original content, more quickly can be included. Now a lot of webmaster resources such as the BBS have spider area such as: A5, outdated, push a, IT cafe, etc.. If you want to manually submit as long as the proposal submitted to the mainstream search can be, such as Baidu, Google, no need to find the search engine can be submitted again.

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