Don’t pull social marketing word of mouth is the kingly way

in the pre Internet era, there are two people decide whether to buy a commodity for reference, is a product of the external display, such as its appearance, feel (experienced man hands can touch a piece of clothing material); the other is a mutual suggestion between friends, i.e. the product reputation among friends.

the first of these two references is not reliable, after all, most consumers are not reading the material consumption of countless people, and our eyes are often deceived. With my experience, 2000 there were no watercress, then rent movies at the video store, often attracted by some of the films on the cover of fascinating picture, for when the salesman smile it will harbour evil designs, rent and take home a bit after browsing found this movie with its cover no any relationship, then suddenly shouted: cheating! Think of when the salesman expressive smile — that it is not laugh, laugh and a fool fooled.

but sometimes there will be a trip with friends, he saw you picked up the fascinating disc, will reach out to stop, still mysterious one: I have seen the film, the film is cheating, don’t look. So you put the disc back in situ, seeing the clerk’s face into a smile from the appearance of anger, had to secretly thank friends.

this is the second reference – product reputation among friends, this reference even in this age of the Internet is extremely important. CR-Nielsen’s 2009 global report shows that in the consumer trust in various types of advertising, the recognition of people in the first 90% of the proportion of the first. Ranked second is familiar with the views of consumers released on the network, such as watercress on books, film score, Taobao on the product of good, poor, etc..


consumers published on the Internet is one of the most important reference opinions of people’s consumption into the Internet era, this reference formed the people shopping on the Internet after the filter mechanism (the word from Anderson’s "long tail theory") – that is, people do not only products of the external display of a hurry to make a purchase decision, but evaluation with other online consumer buying decisions calmly. After the filter mechanism makes poor products difficult to sell reputation, but there are exceptions, such as the "graph" and "time" in this time and watercress harvest countless bad movies are still made at the box office, it is after the filter mechanism failure?

bad movie why get high box office – the power of false reputation

said in the movie before, I’ll say a Book – Bala Brazil "burst", this book may be a little understanding of big data people have heard, this book is known as "subversive" black swan "jingshizhizuo, following the discovery of the most influential genes after the revolution!" and "the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing University, University of Electronic Science and technology and other well-known experts,"

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