Buy ah net a Wenzhou shoe factory owner nternet story

buy ah network CEO Tang Chongguo’s voice is not old, but he always stressed: "do a lot of shoes, not young".

an ordinary Wenzhou shoe merchant

in 2000, shortly after graduating from school, Tang Chongguo opened a small shoe factory in Wenzhou. A dozen employees in the factory yard, like other Wenzhou shoe factory, for brand shoes earn hard-earned money.

dry for a few years, Tang Chongguo found that the big brands can not make a lot of money to work, in order to have only a brand development, but it is too difficult to create a brand: design, production, sales…… This is not the ability of a small factory.

2007, the electronic commerce became popular in Wenzhou, many colleagues left old Tang Chongguo. There are people who told him to do e-commerce threshold is very low, sales, publicity and so much more than the store to save a lot.

Tang Chongguo echocardiography. It took him half a year to turn over the e-commerce site, Taobao, Dangdang, wheat bags…… 09 years, Tang Chongguo and a number of peers in the industry partners to start buying ah network, when they played a CEO.

shop before the factory

Tang Chongguo knows a lot of B2C do not only do mall factories, all products are completed by the foundry enterprise, the benefits of doing so is the minimum cost but Tang Chongguo believes that this is not possible, at least not selling shoes.

Tang Chongguo said, in layman’s terms, not what the difference between shoes and clothing designers take the sample to send to the factory processing, sales. But in fact, shirts, pants can be standardized, in the design of a good style, as long as the replacement of fabric or color, you can combine a variety of products. The design and production of shoes to the production process is tedious ": as a result of everyone shoes products of different consumer groups, there are lots of different materials, in the design and production process; in addition to shoes products of higher quality requirements of return risk will be greater.

so Tang Chongguo bought ah network has set up the factory, homegrown. Tang Chongguo said that the purchase network in Wenzhou has an area of 10000 square meters of production workshop, as well as an area of 7000 square meters of warehousing and logistics center.

Tang Chongguo said that the factory model for the purchase of ah network bring many benefits: one can increase the quality of supervision of production processes, reduce the return risk; design, coordination and production, sales and other links, improve efficiency; thirdly, removed into foundries, thus greatly reducing the cost. Of course, this model also brings a problem, management complex. Due to the design, production, sales, logistics should be completed, the communication between departments, collaboration can not be a problem.

asked a lot of "from" Tang Chongguo heard, to solve the problem of management must be invested in the hardware, a set of professional ERP management software in the footwear industry, covering the entire enterprise internal management operations. In fact, this software is widely used 10 years ago, Tang Chongguo’s shoe is too small, did not have such advanced >

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